Knee Pain

If you are suffering from knee degeneration or osteoarthritis, Supartz natural knee replacement therapy can help. As a noninvasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis, Supartz knee treatment relieves pain and inflammation—without surgery.

Back & Neck Pain

Back pain is pain felt in the low or upper back. Neck pain is the sensation of discomfort in the neck area. Neck pain can result from disorders of any of the structures in the neck and arises from numerous different conditions and is sometimes referred to as cervical pain. Some causes include slouching, bad posture, repetitive motion and stress.

Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center

Integrated Physical Medicine in San Diego, CA

Welcome to Sorrento Valley Pain Relief Center. We specialize in a wide range of medical and alternative treatments that alleviate acute and chronic pain. Our team of San Diego chiropractors, pain doctors, physical therapists and medical weight loss experts works with you to customize a recovery plan designed specifically for your needs. And we achieve tremendous success WITHOUT narcotics!

By treating the person—not just the condition—we produce better outcomes. Our unique and patient-centered healthcare has a proven track record of high success rates in pain management and treatment in Sorrento Valley.

Pain is not a disease or illness in itself. Rather it is a warning sent out by your body that there is a disturbance or disorder in the body’s natural state and function. Pain resolves on its own once the underlying injury or trauma heals.

Sometimes the body is unable to resolve the root cause of the condition with natural internal healing. In such cases, pain becomes a call to action and requires expert diagnosis and treatment.

Once the San Diego pain doctors, physical medicine physicians and chiropractors at Sorrento Valley Pain Relief diagnose the root cause, modern treatments and best practices are employed to bring you relief from debilitating pain.

Secondly, the experience of pain is subjective. Each person experiences pain differently. Therefore, the treatment has to be different too.The treatment plans at our pain Management center in San Diego are tailor made to suit each patient’s condition, state of overall health and lifestyle.

A Comprehensive Approach to Health & Wellness

Our practice in Southern California utilizes an integrated approach to offer the finest quality healthcare solutions for pain management and rehabilitation. We combine multiple disciplines, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, to address a complete range of chronic and acute pain disorders.

Sorrento Valley’s Pain Management Center is known for modern procedures and treatments encompassing multiple therapies to provide you a comprehensive treatment plan and a pain-free life. Our services include:













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